Welcome to a new generation
of brain exploration
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Explore your mind, choose a square:
  • DIY Beats (n/a)
    HTML5 widget that lets you make your own beats
  • Chakra (30:20)
    A fun square with open eye visuals and deep stimulation
  • Strange Night (15:45)
    A more experimental square, for an intense time!
  • Drift (23:15)
    This transitions from deep relaxation to aimless thought
  • ArmMelt (19:54)
    Possibly our heaviest square yet!
  • Lucid (27:15)
    Square for the edge of deep sleep and dreams
  • Upper (14:48)
    For a quick focusing, with lots of high energy sounds
  • Deep Down (29:30)
    For deep meditation and loss of body awareness
  • Sleep (110:00)
    Self-explanatory square to gently calm the mind