Frequently Asked Questions

Isn’t this just a placebo?
First, why are you even on this site? Short answer, not a ton of research has been done here. Research shows a correlation between binaural beats and brainwave entrainment, but this does not scientifically prove causation, although it points to it. Long answer here.

Why doesn’t this work on my iPhone/iPad?
It is because of Flash. We’ve tried and tried to make this work as HTML5. Generally, we love HTML5, but the specific things in the squareeater visuals work much better with Flash. Because of all the strobing, these animations tend to compress horribly, so video isn’t really an option. We’ve put mediocre video examples up for now if you are looking at our site on an iOS device. Blame the late Steve Jobs and/or the lame developers at Adobe.

Can I download this?
We haven’t had quite enough interest to support an app, but we happily sell MP3s.

Is this okay to do while messed up on marijuana, mushrooms, oxycodone, vicodin, kratom, or anything else in my stash box?
If it is illegal in your state (but hello Colorado!), we can’t really say but you’ll just have to let us know how it worked out!

Is this a screamer?
Ummm, maybe? Keep watching!

What if my very urgent question isn’t listed here?
Then contact us, silly.

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Deep Down
For deep meditation and loss of body awareness
For heavy relaxation, then down to deep sleep
Gently calm the mind off to deep sleep
For wakeful relaxation and meditation
From deep relaxation to aimless thought
For the chilled out rocker!
Possibly our heaviest square yet!
For a quick focusing, with high energy
Strange Night
A popular and more experimental square
Gently relaxes the mind