Squareeater offers MP3 downloads via the iTunes store! If you aren't fan of Apple, we also have MP3s available from CDBaby.

We are happy to announce Squareeater Vol. 1, a collection with nearly two hours of the full length versions of some of our more popular squares. This provides a convenient way to enjoy our brainwave experiences away from the web or on devices that can't support Flash (c'mon iPhone!).

Since everything is offered here free of charge, please consider supporting the site by downloading MP3 versions.

UPDATE: Squareeater Vol. 1 currently has an rating on iTunes of 5 out of 5 stars (from 18 reviews) - check it out if you don't believe us!

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Fun with visuals and deep stimulation
Gently relaxes the mind
Deep Down
For deep meditation and loss of body awareness
Strange Night
A popular and more experimental square
For wakeful relaxation and meditation
Possibly our heaviest square yet!
For active thinking and cognition
For deep relaxation and a still mind
For the chilled out rocker!
For a quick focusing, with high energy